Members Of The Public Interested In Joining Should Apply To The Secretary Below – PLEASE NOTE: No new Drone memberships are being taken.

Members of the public interested in joining, please contact our Membership Secretary Mike Poser for information on becoming a member. Contact information is on the contact page of this web site.

To become a member you must first join the national club called Model Aeronautics Association Canada (MAAC). The benefits of belonging to MAAC are:

  • giving a national voice to our hobby
  • a magazine with national events and interesting stories about our hobby
  • insurance

The North Vancouver District requires that you have MAAC insurance and are a member of the NVRCFC in order to be able to use their field.

MAAC Application Form


Current members – The renewal process consists of completing a membership form, providing proof of MAAC membership and using an electronic transfer of funds to the NVRCFC’s financial institution. Renewal letters will be sent at the end of the year.