Basic Club Rules

Sunday flying is restricted to electric powered or glider type aircraft. 
The area used by the club is to be kept clean at all times.

Special Regulations

  1. Members must have a current and valid NVRCFC and MAAC membership and must be able to show proof of these memberships.
  2. A maximum of two gas powered aircraft may be flying or with engines running at any given time. Additionally two electric planes/gliders may also fly. No nitro/gas flying on Sundays.
  3. All flying is subject to the approval of the NVRCFC. No flying will occur when other scheduled games, soccer, baseball or other sports activity booked for the field. No flying is permitted when NVD personnel are working on the field.
  4. Permitted flying hours vary during the year to accommodate other field users. Current permitted hours will be posted on the field and on the website.
  5. Maximum AUW (all up weight) of models must not exceed 5.44kg (12 pounds).
  6. All pilots are responsible to ensure that flying is restricted to the posted designated area as shown below, approximately 200 metres from the flight line. This is not to scale, 200 metres is a long way!

MAAC Regulations

  1. All aircraft using our field must meet the MAAC noise guidelines of 90 dBA taken at 9 feet. Any aircraft exceeding this level will not be permitted to fly until brought into compliance and verified by an official of the club.
  2. MAAC safety rules shall be observed at all times.
  3. All planes must be labeled according to MAAC Policy #10 which you can find here.

It is everyone’s responsibility to keep our field safe and incident free!

As we are fortunate to have a flying field in a semi-residential area, our field rules and regulations are strictly enforced.

Miscellaneous Safety Tips

Kill the throttle as soon as you cross the line on the edge of the field, entering the pitts area! An unfortunate incident caused a pilot to lose control, crashing into a parked plane – due to not closing the throttle in time!

When your plane is on the bench, and you accidentally bump the throttle stick to full throttle, don’t reach through the propeller to stop your plane.

Not a safety tip, but when flying a nitro or gas plane, using partial throttle and flying your plane over the fenced area at lower altitude can lower noise outputs from our neighbours’ perspectives.

Please email the webmaster your anonymous safety tips. Only you and I will know who they came from! Keep it clean or I may have to paraphrase your tips.

Field use protocol

  1. Read and be familiar with the Rules above. Pay attention to the no-fly zones.
  2. No flying while DNV Fields crews are on the field. Even if they are on one side of the field and you wish to fly on the other. Generally the crews aim to finish their work by noon. We have tried to get advanced warning when they will be there but this has proven not to be possible. Lynn Creek hiking trail makes a great diversion if you need to wait them out.
  3. No flying if member(s) of the public are on the field. Please approach other field users with kindness, explain that the club has paid to rent the field during this time and for their own safety they need to clear the field until (X o’clock). If they are testy and don’t want to leave, don’t escalate. Better to wait them out, or if a large group, come back at another time. It helps to be wearing your club membership card when you approach members of the public.
  4. Put out the orange cones, even if flying alone. This is a MAAC insurance requirement! Set up first row of cones in line with the third base line. These are the pilot flight stations. Set-up second row (flight line) 10 paces west from the first row. ALL flying must be done west of the flight line.
  5. It is highly recommended to use the short chains in the storage box to “lock off” the north and south gates while flying. This reduces the possibility of people straying on to the field while you are flying. Remember to retrieve the chains when you leave or advise whoever will be “closing up” that they are there.
  6. Use care not to fly overhead of pedestrians walking around the outside perimeter of the fence. This is not so much a rule as a commonsense safety precaution.
  7. Nitro planes should be filled and started on the asphalt by the bleachers – not on the grass. Fuel spills kill the grass. Remember, no nitro flying on Sundays.
  8. Please pick up your trash! Broken props, balsa fragments, elastics, foam chunks, etc. belong in the garbage, NOT tossed under the bench or left on the field.
  9. If you crash hard, fill in the hole with the displaced turf. We don’t want to leave big divets in the field. And please pick up ALL the pieces, otherwise we are littering the field.
  10. All planes must be labelled with the MAAC owner info. If you do not have one of these stickers download the template which is a sticky on the club Facebook page (see link to Facebook page on top right of new website Home Page). Again, this is a MAAC requirement.
  11. Use common sense safety precautions when at the field. It is a great privilege that the club maintains City permission to fly at Inter River Park – a privilege which is always one accident away from being revoked.